My story is a pretty straightforward one. I used to work in hospitality, now I am a developer.

I grew up in a small country town, before moving to Melbourne to work in the restaurant industry. At one point I was a restaurant supervisor for Andrew McConnell, and helped him open Moon Under Water in Fitzroy. Although I have left the industry professionally I remain attached to the culture and still have a passion for food and wine.

I am now a full-time Ruby/Rails developer, dabbling occasionally in iOS and anything else that takes my fancy. I studied Engineering and IT at ANU in Canberra, but lets just say that university just wasn't for me, and therefore I am self taught. I now work for a digital production company in Melbourne, spending my days between writing code and trying to work out just how far I can push our office's 3D printer.

This site is my home on the internet.

I am not very good at keeping a blog but in the menu bar is my latest attempt at trying. I can be contacted using the sheet below, whether you have feedback for the site or just want to know anything about how I got into this whole developer thing.

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