And so it begins

I have never really been good at writing blogs. 

I never know what I should write about. Because lets be honest here, my life is not that interesting when you compare it to anybody elses. I live in a small apartment. I work normal hours (now) and I eat somewhere between 2 and 4 meals a day. I'm overall a pretty average guy. 

But I have decided to give it another go, because now I have a website, and I have an idea. Plus I managed to get this outrageously cool domain name.

What is my idea? Well good readers, that will be revealed in coming posts. I can't very well give away all the details the first time I write here. If I did that then there really is no point in keeping a blog at all. Only time will tell if the idea ever becomes something more than a pipe dream, and if this blog manages to continue to exist. I hope it does. Because I think this could be a good outlet for me.

So stay tuned. I will continue to tweak the sight to make it a little bit prettier and perhaps a bit more functional. It's pretty bare bones at the moment, and a lot of the code is… borrowed… from some other developers. But you need to start somewhere. And I have chosen to start here.

Let the journey begin.